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What Is Sustainable Clothing?

What Is Sustainable Clothing?

Mar 4th 2022

What Is Sustainable Clothing?

When you look at the clothes in your closet, the word "sustainable" probably never pops into your mind. In fact, when you hear about sustainable clothing, you're confused about what this means. In a nutshell, this refers to clothes and accessories produced in a manner that is ecologically and socially responsible. The movement is getting bigger each year. Here's all you'll need to know about it.

Impacting the Environment

With sustainable clothing, the focus is on leaving a very minimal negative impact on the environment, or, if possible, even a positive one. However, it goes beyond this to also include the ethics of how clothing is produced. Thus, this is a holistic movement that looks at the entire picture of how clothing is produced, taking into consideration people, animals, plants, and the planet as a whole.

Why Is Sustainable Clothing Important?

Show Pony is a boutique that offers a wide variety of clothing choices, including sustainable clothing items. Complete your wardrobe with pieces that have been created ethically, with a focus on environmental protection. There is nothing better than a fashion refresh that makes everyone feel good!

Sustainable clothing pieces help to mitigate the industry of fast fashion, focusing on recycled materials, ethical creation, and high quality. These pieces last longer and use fewer resources to produce, helping out everyone along the production line.

To put this in perspective, consider the following numbers. At its current rate of growth, the clothing industry will consume 30% of the planet's remaining carbon by 2050. Also, roughly 70% of today's clothing is made from non-renewable sources, meaning more and more natural resources are depleted annually. Finally, almost 94 billion cubic meters of water are needed each year for textile production.

With sustainable clothing pieces in your wardrobe, you can do your part to help slow these numbers. High quality means purchases you’ll need to make less, and fewer pieces of clothing to mass produce! And using renewable resources or even recycled resources help cut down on this depletion as well.

Benefits of Sustainable Clothing

Once you decide to shop at Show Pony, you will start to learn more about the many benefits of buying and wearing clothing made by more sustainable means for the environment. By doing your part to purchase sustainable clothing, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions that are currently wreaking havoc with climate change.

Textiles that are sourced naturally from regenerative fiber systems can also be important, since this reduces pollution, the number of landfills needed for non-recyclable items, and the amount of water needed for textile production.

But perhaps most importantly, choosing this option over exclusively fast fashion enables you to ultimately improve working conditions for millions of people, ensure more plants and animals will not become endangered or extinct, and create a planet that will be better for future generations.

How to Get Started with Sustainable Clothing

To begin your journey, start by remembering that the most sustainable clothing you currently own is that which is hanging in your closet. Also, be willing to swap clothing with friends or family, shop at local thrift stores, and, of course, patronize companies like Show Pony that are already embracing the movement.

We offer a number of pieces from conscious designers, such as Prairie Underground. Find clothing from organic materials in modern styles. Other designers, such as Bel Kazan, offer organic materials and hand-printed patterns. And designers like CP Shades come with the added benefit of planting trees for select clothing purchases! Find the right fit for your personal style at Show Pony Boutique.

What Is New Sustainable Clothing?

Even after you may have found something great in a thrift store, you probably still want brand-new clothing still made consciously. If so, here are some things to consider.

First, prioritize natural fibers over synthetics like nylon and polyester. Also, look for clothing made from organic cotton, since this uses no pesticides and far less water to produce than traditional cotton. As for particular fibers, look for hemp, linen, and Tencel, since each of these is a low-impact fabric on the environment.

Should you love wool, this is a regenerative fiber that is a great choice in sustainable clothing. However, make it a priority to buy wool items where sheep were raised under traditional farming practices, since these holistic methods lead to healthier soil, restored land, and less carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Though it may take some time and effort initially to become a convert, you'll be glad you did as time goes on. Not only will you be helping the planet and setting the stage for much better working conditions for people around the world, but you will also be staying true to your values and look great in your new clothes. Contact us at Show Pony to find out more!